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Our Heritage

Furneaux Cemetery was founded by William Furneaux in 1884.  Feeling that the rural community was in need of a cemetery, he donated the property that is now our cemetery.  Roughly a month after establishing the cemetery, Mr. Furneaux himself was the first internment.  He was buried under a favorite tree that only recently died.  From its base a new tree has risen to take its place, continuing to provide shade over the Furneaux gravesites.

Our Staff


The Furneaux Cemetery Association continues to operate as it has since it founding.  A dedicated group of volunteers whose all have family members within the cemetery.  For us, its a personal mission to make sure that our family members continue to have a safe and beautiful place to rest.

Our Community


The cities around us have grown in the last 125 years!  A country cemetery until the late 1970's, we have continued to maintain the cemetery in that style.  Traditionally, most of our families have come from Carrollton and Hebron with a few from Lewisville but we have always been open to families from around the Metroplex.

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